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Welcome to the Engineering Management Program at CUA

The Engineering Management Program at Catholic University has a proud 25-year history of successfully educating military, government and industry professionals in the art and science of managing technical organizations and their processes. We have provided that necessary additional step that allows engineers and scientists to understand how their environment works and how things are managed and controlled within that environment. Our intent is to make the engineer and scientist more effective in the pursuit of professional achievement.

To that end, our courses are taught by seasoned professionals who have the education and experience to give the students an understanding of engineering management practices and the underlining theory that supports them. We give students a balanced and integrated view of theory and practice, that can equip them with the knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen profession.

Our program is broad and basic in its required courses, but designed to be tailored to the candidate's specific needs through focused curriculum tracks and use of electives. Candidates will receive an understanding of organizational theory and the basic processes of engineering management, plus courses that address their career objectives. These elective courses can come from this program, other Catholic University programs, or partially from study outside of Catholic University.

The program provides those that have education, training, and experience in engineering, science or mathematics with the knowledge and understanding to organize and lead technical personnel, manage the broad aspects of technical projects, and advance their careers. Such managerial positions are particularly plentiful in the greater Washington, D.C. area, which has one of the largest concentrations of research and development efforts in the United States. Join those that have acquired a profound understanding of their profession, and recognition of that achievement, through our program.

Jeffrey E. Giangiuli
Director, Engineering Management Program
School of Engineering

"... [An] engineer is hired for his or her technical skills, fired for poor people skills, and promoted for leadership and management skills." - Journal of Management in Engineering, Nov/Dec1996