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CMGT 508 Technology Management


This course is about management of knowledge, technology and innovation. Knowledge is the foundation of any advancement in society, technology is the vehicle for transferring knowledge to useful applications, and innovation is the product of this application. Advancing knowledge and technology is the most important ingredient of national development. In today's environment where the already fast rate of change is accelerating and trade is increasingly global, knowledge management and technology development are the basic elements of the economic health and survival of both corporations and nations. They are the competitive weapons of leadership. Survival depends on whether the technological competencies of nations and organizations are so managed as to enable them to stay ahead of their competition and sustain their leadership.

This course describes the guiding principles and critical issues of knowledge and technology management, and provides the tools to design and implement a successful technology strategy as part of the overall strategy of the organization. It discusses topics essential for the management of public and private sector high technology organizations and issues relevant to their survival. Examples of these issues include: development and application of knowledge, integration of technology and business strategy, development of competencies and capabilities to stay in the forefront of technology in the global marketplace, response to change, specific human resource and organizational factors involved in management of knowledge and technology, forecasting and technology selection, and the influence of the internal and external environment.

For those who work in government organizations, including the armed forces, this course will provide the tools they need to assess the role of knowledge and impact of the embodiment of new technologies on their organization goals and objectives. If they are in a position to finance research and development or procure new technologies and products, the course will provide them with the tools to analyze the probability of success and the degree that the outcome will help achieving the organization's strategic objectives.

The course is conducted in a participative manner, and students are encouraged to discuss topics of their interest in the class. They are also required to produce a short research paper on a subject agreed to by the instructor and present it in the class. In addition to the textbook, articles on recent technology developments are distributed and discussed as part of the course.


Summer 2015

Required Text:

Schilling, M.A.  (2013). Strategic Management of Technological Innovation (4th ed.). New York, New York:  McGraw-Hill.  ISBN: 978-0-07-802923-3


Recommended (Not Required) Text:

Reference rules for publication of papers:

American Psychological Association (APA).  (2009). Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington, D.C.:  American Psychological Association   ISBN-10: 1433805618



Credit: 3 semester hours