The Catholic University of America

CMGT 510 Information Systems for Managers


Knowledge of IS and their interrelationship with technical management applications is essential for creating competitive organizations, managing global operations, dealing with business partners, and providing effective products and services to customers. As digital organizations emerge, all work processes and relationships with partners, suppliers, and customers will be digitally enabled with information. Ensure information technology works for you.
Elements comprising this course:

  • Organizational foundations of systems, their strategic role, and the organizational and management changes driving electronic commerce and electronic business in the digital organization.
  • The technical foundation for understanding (IS) and how all the information technologies (IT) work together with the Internet to create a new infrastructure for the digital integration of the organization.
  • The role of IS in capturing and distributing organizational knowledge and in enhancing management decision making across the enterprise.
  • The process of redesigning the organization using IS.


Fall 2013

Laudon, K.C. & Laudon, J.P.  (2012). Management Information Systems Managing the Digital Firm (12th ed.).  Upper Saddle River, NJ:  Pearson Education Inc.  ISBN -10: 0-13-214285-6