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CMGT 547 Managerial Engineering Economics


Examines decision-making based on comparisons of the economic worth of alternative courses of action with respect to their costs and/or incomes or benefits. The early part of the course focuses on the conventional mathematics of money and interest; i.e., the time value of money. It stresses the concepts of Present Worth , Equivalent Annual Worth, and Rate-of-Return calculations. . This mathematics framework is then applied to consideration of specific decision problems of private sector capital investment choices, asset replacement, and analysis of public projects. Presents the overlapping aspects of accounting, finance, and investment analysis, including the related aspects of depreciation, inflation, risk management, and sensitivity analysis.


Fall 2013

Contemporary Engineering Economics, 5th Ed
Chan S. Park
Pearson / Prentice Hall, 2011
ISBN-13:  978-0-13-611848-0
ISBN-10:  0-13-611848-8

Credit: 3 semester hours