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CMGT 572 Organizational Theory and Behavior

Develops the competencies and knowledge that one needs to be an effective professional, leader, or manager.  Now, more than ever, the keys to an organization's effectiveness and competitiveness are its employees.  Technology, financial capital, physical assets, and access to proprietary information are increasingly recognized as being little more than short-term sources of competitive advantage.  Long-term competitive advantage comes from the rich array of individual and team-based competencies capable of being put into action by an organization's employees, managers, and leaders.  Emphasizes seven competencies: managing self, managing communication, managing diversity, managing ethics, managing across cultures, managing teams, and managing change.


"... [A]n engineer is hired for his or her technical skills, fired for poor people skills, and promoted for leadership and management skills."
- Journal of Management in Engineering, November/December 1996, 18
This course develops organizational behavior knowledge, skills, and abilities by focusing on four key areas:
Part 1: Introduction and Ethical Foundations
            Chapter 1      Learning about Organizational Behavior
            Chapter 2      Individual and Organizational Ethics
Part 2: The Individual in Organizations
            Chapter 3      Understanding Individual Differences
            Chapter 4      Perceptions and Attributions
            Chapter 5      Learning Concepts to Improve Performance
            Chapter 6      Motivating Employees
            Chapter 7      Motivation: Goal Setting and Reward Programs
            Chapter 8      Workplace Stress and Aggression
Part 3: Leadership and Team Behaviors
            Chapter 9      Interpersonal Communication in Organizations
            Chapter 10    Leadership Effectiveness: Foundations
            Chapter 11    Leadership Effectiveness: New Perspectives
            Chapter 12    Developing and Leading Teams
            Chapter 13    Managing Conflict and Negotiating Effectively
Part 4: The Organization
            Chapter 14    Managerial Decision Making
            Chapter 15    Organization Design
            Chapter 16    Cultivating Organizational Culture
            Chapter 17    Managing Organizational Change


Fall 2014

Required Text


Organizational Behavior & Management  Tenth Edition John M. Ivancevich, Robert Konopaske, and Michael T. Matteson -  Publisher: McGraw-Hill

ISBN: 978-0-07-802946-2

MHID 0-07-802946-5


Credit: 3 semester hours