The Catholic University of America

Engineering Management Courses

These management courses will equip the engineer who is in a managerial position with the latest skills and knowledge in the field of organizational management. They emphasize planning, organizing, allocation of resources, directing, decision-making, and controlling, particularly as these functions relate to the management of technical activities.

CMGT..505....Decision Analysis
CMGT..508....Technology Management
CMGT..510....Information Systems for Managers
CMGT..515....Software Project Management
CMGT..547....Managerial Engineering Economics
CMGT..561....Engineering Ergonomics
CMGT..562....Engineering Risk Management
CMGT 564....Strategic Standardization
CMGT..570....Project Management
CMGT..572....Organizational Theory and Behavior
CMGT..573....Planning and Control of Organizations

CMGT..574....Strategic Management

CMGT..575....Introduction to Systems Analysis
CMGT..580....Introduction to Systems Engineering Management

Additional Information

- All CMGT courses are 3 credit hour.

- All courses are held at the Crystal City off-site location.

- As listed in the CUA Announcements - Graduate Studies, a maximum of six (6) credit hours of studies may be transferred from another institution. No course with a grade of less than B (3.0) is transferable. Grades earned in transferred courses are not included in computing the required GPA of 3.0. Up to 9 credit hours may be transferred from the Defense Acquisition University. Specific restrictions are addressed on the DAU Partnership page.

- Other substitutes may be appropriate depending on the student's educational objectives.